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Golden Sands, Bulgaria, September 19-26, 2011


Geometric Structures in Mathematical Physics 2011
E-mail: math.goldensands (at)

The Department of Geometry
Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics
Sofia University
blvd. James Bourchier 5
1164, Sofia, Bulgaria

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The conference is organized in Golden Sands (view with Google maps), near Varna (Bulgaria), Monday, September 19 (arrival) to Monday, September 26 (departure), 2011. Golden Sands (Bulgarian: Zlatni Pyasatsi) is one of the nicest beach resorts on the Bulgarian part of the Black Sea and has beautiful surroundings. The conference will take place in hotel Pliska located in the Golden Sands resort.

The purpose of the conference is to bring together physicists and mathematicians working in related areas of differential geometry, geometric analysis and theoretical physics. The main focus will be on special geometric structures and their applications in geometry, theoretical physics and string theory. The conference aims at presenting an account of the latest achievements in the subject and will be based on invited talks, poster sessions and informal discussions. The duration of the talks will be 55 min.
POSTER SESSION: Any participant who would like to present a poster is invited to submit a title and abstract by September 10.

FUNDING: Supported by Bulgarian NSF grants "Idei", DID 02-39/21.12.2009, Contract 200/2011 with the University of Sofia `St.Kl.Ohridski' and US NSF DMS-1127129. Travel expenses will be covered as additional funding becomes available. Top priority will be the funding of young mathematicians, under-represented groups, and those without external support.

ORGANIZERS: Stefan Ivanov (Sofia University), Ivan Minchev (Philipps-University Marburg), Alexander Petkov (Sofia University), Dimiter Vassilev (University of New Mexico), Simeon Zamkovoy (Sofia University).


Ilka Agricola (Philipps-University Marburg, Germany), Ludmil Katzarkov (University of Miami, USA & University,
Vestislav Apostolov (UQAM,Montreal, Canada), of Vienna, Austria),
Charles Boyer (University of New Mexico, USA), Alexei Kovalev (University of Cambridge, UK),
David Calderbank (University of Bath, UK), Tony Pantev (University of Pennsilvania, USA),
Vicente Cortes (University of Hamburg, Germany), George Papadopoulos (King's College London, UK),
Maciej Dunajski (University of Cambridge, UK), Yat-Sun Poon (UC Riverside, USA),
Anna Fino (Universita di Torino, Italy), Victor Przyjalkowski (Steklov Math Institute, Moscow, Russia),
Thomas Friedrich (Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany), Jeff Streets (Princeton University, USA),
Sergey Galkin (IPMU, Tokyo, Japan), Valentino Tosatti, (Columbia University, USA),
Paul Gauduchon (Ecole Polytechniquie, Paris, France), Luis Ugarte (University of Zaragoza, Spain),
Dmitry Kaledin (Steklov Math Institute, Moscow, Russia), Stefan Vandoren (University of Utrecht, Netherlands),
Ljudmila Kamenova (SUNY Stony Brook, USA), Misha Verbitsky (ITEP, Moscow, Russia).


- Accommodation is provided at the conference hotel
Pliska located in the Golden Sands resort uppon registration;
- Conference fee of 110 EURO includes an openning reception, a conference dinner, refreshments, conference events and facilities.


Golden Sands is located 25km from the Bulgarian Black Sea capital city Varna and 450km from Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria.

By Air: The nearest Airport is the VARNA AIRPORT with regular flight connections from Sofia. There are also flight connections with several Airports in Europe.

- There will be organized conference buses from the Varna airport to the Golden Sands resort;
- using regular buses the trip is less than one hour, detailed information will be provided;
- the trip by taxi takes 30 minutes (about 30 km) and costs about 25 EUR. Please proceed to the INFORMATION kiosk at the Varna airport and ask them to help with getting a taxi to the Golden Sands resort, hotel Pliska. The best option is if they call taxi Lasia (phone 052/500 000) or Transtriumf (phone 052/644 444).

By bus/ car: There are many comfortable bus lines connecting Sofia to Golden Sands and/ or Varna. Please check for timetables.

Further practical information and details will be provided at this page. Please contact the organizers if you have any questions.


If you would like to participate in the conference, please fill in the registration form below.

The organizers will do their best to include your preferred type of contribution in the program of the conference, but capacities for talks are limited. ALL SUBMITTED POSTERS ARE ACCEPTED.



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