Emil Horozov

Curriculum Vitae

Education and Degrees


Visiting Positions


1. Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam - June, 1985; October, 1986.

2. Universite Catholique de Louvain -

3. Brandeis University, Waltham, MA - June, 1986; January-May, 1987; May, 1998.

4. Universitat Bremen - June, 1991; February, 1993

5. University of Arizona - August 1991-May 1992.

6. Universite Toulouse-III - February, 1994; June, 1999;February- July, 2000.

7. Universite de Nantes - January, 2000.

8. University of Leeds - April, 2001.

9. Universita degli studi di Firenze - May, 1997

10. Universit\'e d'Artois - July, 1999.

11. UC Santa Barbara – March, 2006



Selected Invited Addresses:

Participation in Editorial Boards

    Ph. D. Students

    L. Gavrilov www , O. Christov

    M.Sc. Students

    D. Kolev - Associate Professor at University of Chemical Engineering, Sofia),

    L. Gavrilov (now Full Professor at Universit\`e de Toulouse III), www

    A. Zhivkov (now Associate Professor at Sofia University

    I. Dimitrov (now tenure-track at the University of Kingston, Canada), www

    G. Georgiev (now Assistant Professor at the Railway Institute, Sofia),

    D. Dragnev (now Post-Doc at Courant Institute, NY),

    Z. Petrova (now Assistant Professor at Technical University, Sofia),

    Zh. Georgiev (now Assistant Professor at Technical University, Sofia),

    N. Stoev (position in banking),

    P. Iliev (now tenure-track at Georgia Institute of Technology), www

    A. Lozanov (N/D),

    Y. Angelova (now Ph.D. student at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign),

    Y. Markov (now at the IMI, BAS),

    B. Bakalov (now tenure-track at North Carolina State University), www

    M. Yakimov (now tenure-track at UC, Santa Barbara), - www

    T. Milanov (now Postdoc at Stanford University) - www

    M. Ignatova (now Ph. D. student at University Southern California) -

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