7 May 2015
Added a Tiered Vector implementation.

7 May 2015
Moved to

24 September 2015
A beta version of the new SQEMA website added.

2 Devember 2014
Initial version SQEMA vNext (GWT) added.

6 October 2014
Tetris 1.9.9 uploaded. Visual bugs fixed, 64-bit version added.

30 June 2009
The website has moved. Thank you for the server, Slavi!

9 August 2007
Bulgarian Phonetic Traditional updated with support for euro sign (CTRL+5) and Bulgarian i grave (CTRL+J). The number sign (CTRL+3) and the paragraph sign (CTRL+6) are also supported now. AltGR support for the 2 russian characters supported up to the previous version has been removed, as it interfered with my DosBox experience. The old version is still available on the left-hand side menu, for those who need it. The new version replaced the old one's URL as it is being referenced a bit. There will be a new update in a few days as AltGR is preferable to CTRL for such combinations, it looks like WinWord is having some problems accessing such keys.

Up to 9 August 2007
Since I've been working at a certain high-profile software company, updates have been slow to nonexistent.

13 September 2006
SQEMA 0.9.8 and Released. Support for expressions of the kind of (#p -> @p) | (#@p -> @#p), thanks to Renate Schmidt. uploaded to the SU/FMI website, 0.9.8 available here.

14 August 2006
SQEMA 0.9.7 Released. Support for [U]/<U> finalized.

14 August 2006
SQEMA Released on the FMI/Uni-Sofia site. Bugfix release: Formulas that were split before processing weren't converted properly to first-order formulas.

8 August 2006
SQEMA 0.9.5 Released. Added more conversion rules for [U]/<U>.

1 August 2006
Tetris 1.9.6 Released. Fixed a piece rotation bug that could transport a piece through solid squares.

31 July 2006
SQEMA 0.9.4 Released. Added support for text-only browsing in the webapp.

30 July 2006
SQEMA 0.9.3 Released. Added support for the universal relation.

18 July 2006
SQEMA 0.9.2 Released. Performance increased by an order of a magnitude.

25 June 2006
SQEMA 0.9.1 Released. Added support for multiple modalities.

24 June 2006
SQEMA 0.9.0 Released. Added support for reversed modality in the input.

17 June 2006
SQEMA 0.8 Released. Homepage changes.

12 June 2006
Tetris 1.9.5 Released. Lo-res mode added.

12 June 2006
SQEMA 0.8 Released. Improved web design. Added a link to the SQEMA homepage.

2 June 2006
SQEMA 0.7.2 Released. Debug tracing added. Fixed a bug which prevented SQEMA from converting some formulas properly. The problem was that possibilities were extracted during the initial setup of the formula.

31 May 2006
A preliminary version of my master's thesis has been uploaded.

25 May 2006
SQEMA 0.6.5 Released. Fixed formula preparation: necessities are now propagated accross conjunctions before the initial negation. Improved alpha rule. Code clean-ups. Webapp updated as well.

25 May 2006
Large 0.0.2 released. Division has been optimized and now runs in O(NBits) time.

24 April 2006
SQEMA Released. Changes since 0.5.x: Added a SQEMA web app. Added more examples, first-order translation, and support for nominals in the input. Older versions may have bugs that are already fixed here, so users are urged to download the latest version.

19 April 2006
Minimal Transducer 1.0.0 released. This is an old project that has been lying around since 2004, so I decided to publish it today. It's in ANSI C, and works under Visual Studio 6.0 and GCC. Have fun. The theory behind the project can be seen in Stoyan Mihov's dissertation.

28 February 2006
Java Finances 1.0.5 Released. Re-introduced the select-all-on-focus concept for all text fields (from the ancient PGUI version).

2 January 2006
Large 0.0.1 released. This is a C++ template that emulates k-bit unsigned arithmetics, where k is a power of 2 and k >= 64. Division can be further optimized.

24 December 2005
Java Finances 1.0.4 Released. Ported to Swing. All the UI is in Bulgarian, so beware.

21 December 2005
AVL 1.0.3 released. New elements are now placed after old ones when InsertComparable is used. However, RemoveComparable will still remove a random element if there are repeating elements. The tree cannot distinguish objects if the Comparator can't. If you should use Insert/Find/Remove Comparable, then it's better to implement a custom Comparator to distinguish between different objects.

20 December 2005
Tetris 1.9.4 released. New special effects. Happy keyboard smashing.

19 December 2005
Lisp GC 0.0.1 released. This is just a copying GC for Win32/MSVC++ only (so far). Future plans: Make it more usable, and support generic C++. This implementation uses a trick mentioned in a codeguru article I came across a few weeks ago. See license.txt for details.

15 December 2005
AVL C++ Container 1.0.2 released. All STL references have been removed from HeightBalancedTree.h. All you need is that your compiler support C++ templates and exceptions. You can change the behaviour of FindByIndex to return a NULL reference instead. It will crash your program without using exceptions. What this is good for: systems that absolutely need to meed their deadlines. However, to have guaranteed performance, it's better to modify the tree so that it doesn't use new and delete.

15 December 2005
Initial site version.